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Where we went »

Below we have listed the vacations we have been on recently, and for which we have online photo albums.

In the Easter of 2006 we rented a holiday house by the North Sea coast.
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In June 2006 Helles parents took us to Tenerife on an early summer holiday.
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In July 2006, we were on our first Intervac vacation to Quimper, Brittany, France.
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In July/August 2007 we were on our second Intervac vacation to Hochdorf, Switzerland (near Luzern).
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Our first skiing holiday together was in February 2008, in Berchtesgaden, Southern Germany.
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Our third Intervac vacation was a lovely week in Breukelen, Holland.
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Welcome to the home page of the Thestrup/Jørgensen family. The main purpose of these pages is to give an impression of our home, our neighborhood and to some extent our country, for the benefit of the Intervac home exchange members considering an exchange with us. Others are of course welcome to have a look as well :-)

If you are interested in an exchange, or if you have any questions, feel free to contact us either with the Intervac system (user name DK666971) or direct via email to anjorg (at) gmail (dot) com. We promise to answer every approach.

We are open to suggestions for excanges in most school holidays, incl. the winter holidays (w.7), the easter, or the autumn holidays (w.42).


What you will find here»

You can access more information using the menu below the "banner" in the top of the page. On the "family" page, we tell some more about ourselves. On the "house" page, we describe the house in words and pictures.

On the "neighborhood" page, we have collected a number of links to local/regional/national home pages of interest for a tourist. The "maps" page contains a few maps and links of interest when trying to find the place.

The image at the top of this page is the view from our 2nd floor, where we can enjoy the beauty of "Tebstrup sø" (lake) and the small woods behind it. The colours are not as beautiful as they can be, at this time of year (early april), but in the summer it will all look a lot greener!

The house has changed»

During the winter 2008-2009 we built an addition to the house, which gave us some extra living room space, another kids' room, a roof terrace and a dining room in close connection to the outside areas (which have also been renovated). Some of the pictures on this website are "old", but we try to change them as soon as we have new, good ones. Also, see the picasa site with more house pictures here ».


Who we are »

A short presentation of the family:

Tilde was born on june 20th 2008, and is just a lovely little baby girl!

Ludvig is 8 years old in December 09, and is attending 2nd grade in 09-10.

Anton is 10 in October 09, and is attending 4th grade in 09-10.

Helle is 38 years old, and is working as a Logopedic.

Anders is 39 years old and is working as software developer at Vestas Wind Systems.






Helle and Anders, Tebstrup, 2009